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Pebble 06

Detailed description

LEXIANG supplies a large range of pebbles and cobbles. Many are quarried from natural, and others are created from tumbling rocks into pebble and cobble shapes. We usually give the cobbles and pebbles a smooth polished or honed finish, because of this wonderful effect, we make our product more popular. Gardeners and architects often mixed with cobbles and pebbles to make them closer to the nature.


Artificial stone(granite, marble, sandstone, quartz etc) directly from native quarry


3-5mm,5-8mm,0.8-1 .5 cm; 2-4cm; 3-5cm; 4-6cm; 8-10cm; 10-15cm; 15-20cm……


White, black, green, red, pink, yellow, grey……


Different size available or as clients' requirements

Common Packing

20kg per plastic bag, 50 bags per ton bag


Machine made, tumbled by tumbling mill, polished, split

Delivery time:

We have our own factory, we can do fastest to ensure your construction period

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